Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back then...

I always tell my husband I wish I could have lived back in the "Olden Days".  Back when things were simple and care free.  No TV, computers, cell phones or air conditioner.  Well last night I got a taste of living in the "Olden Days" as our air conditioner unit completely broke down.

I came home from work yesterday to find Lenny laying on his side panting with his water bottle tipped over.  I at first thought I forgot to turn the air on, but it was running, ALL DAY.  The temperature in our house read 89 degrees.  After letting Lenny out for fresh air I realized the air was done. 

We then spent the night walking around the neightborhood to get a relief from inside.  Poor Jack slept in his diaper while I checked on him every hour it seemed to make sure he was still breathing. 

After a night of being super cranky and sweaty my husband turns to me before bed and says, "You always wanted to live in the olden days, how do you like it?"

Not very much. 


MSLibLady said...

We just turned ours one tonight! I can't imagine not having it!

liz said...

I CANNOT handle when power goes out or A/C breaks. CANNOT.