Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He Has NO Idea....

We are a family of diehard Cubs fans.  My dad took me to games ever since I can remember, my family home is full of every type of Cubs memorabilia possible, and we will live, and die with the Cubbies.  So, will Jack.  What Jack doesn't know, is that he most likely is in for a lifetime of disappointment.  With a team that has not one the World Series for 101 years, we are used to disappointment. 

How fair is it though, that I am knowingly subjecting Jack to a lifetime of curses, let downs, ninth inning comebacks (from the other team of course), and future Bartmans?

But we are Cubs fans.  We're used to it.  We will keep cheering, keep singing our "Go Cubs Go", keep wearing our Cubby Blue.  Jack will survive, just like the city of Chicago has for over a centery.

And who knows, maybe the cubs will win the World Series in Jack's lifetime.   But if not.....there's always next year.
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bbcd mama said...

Go Cubs, Gooooo! Go Cubs, Gooo!

bbcd mama said...

I like the Mint Green Medium frame. I {always} click for you, and am a follower.

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is that!! My husband's dad is a diehard Cubs fan, and so is his dad. It's in their blood. I think baseball is a great bonding experience, maybe because it's my life, but that's ok :)


Mollie's Mommy said...

I am sure he would have it no other way even after he is old enough to realize that he is a Cubs fan. It is just something that you are born just have to love the Cubs! We live in northern Indiana, so I feel your pain! LOL