Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lesson Learned

Last night my husband and I decided to have our first date night since Jack was born. We have had a couple nights out before, but none just us.  We wanted to celebrate us making it 12 weeks of an unpaid maternity leave without going broke.   I sure did celebrate, and I also spent the night cuddling the toilet instead of my husband.

The lesson learned?
I do not want to be taking care of a screaming baby hungover.

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Jen said...

I found your blog via Baby Center.
This is too funny...I did the same thing a few weeks ago...never again!
Thanks for all the links to the cute clothing. I like to get different, not run of the mill items for my daughter every once and while but have a hard time finding stuff :)
Happy Blogging and your son is adorable!!!
Jen in Mpls MN