Friday, January 8, 2010

I Need to Get Tivo


So as I am sitting here watching the napping Jack sway back and forth on his swing I thought I would make a list of the things I will miss and not miss as I head back to work. As this is my last Friday as a "stay at home mom", I thought I would start with what I will miss first:

1.  Jack (of course)
2. Wearing sweats around the house and not having to shower.
3.. Playing with my dog Lenny
4.  Kathi Lee and Hoda
5. The Today Show
6. Days of our Lives
7. Ellen
8. having a clean house

As I look at my list I realize many of these are shows.  I never liked Ellen or Days of our Lives before Jack, now I find myself addicted to them.  I also have to admit my favorite on this list is Kathi and Hoda.  This may make most cringe, but I love them and I find them funny.
So tonight I am going to ask my husband if we can get Tivo, to which he will probably reply "NO we are saving money".  Maybe I can watch them on Hulu. 

As for what I won't miss..the list is short:
1. The fits of screaming all day.
2. Turning everything I say into a song.

Even those are really not that bad, and I have to admit, I have become quite the singer.

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