Friday, February 10, 2012

It's friday, so fill it!

Happy Friday!!  

1.  I started my blog because   I wanted to share my domestic endeavors and inspirations - especially party planning which I've always loved.

2.   One thing I love seeing on other blogs   are great easy recipes and mom stories I can relate to.

3.  Something I love about blogging   Is to know I am not alone.  It's nice to know there are so many other people out there doing, and going through the same thing.

4. A favorite blog post of mine is probably  I don't really have one, but probably some of my stories about Jack growing up.  IT will be nice to look back and remember how I felt then.

5. Something my friends in real life know about me that I've never before mentioned on my blog is   nothing I would put on here ; )

6.  My new favorite blogs to read are  there are so many.  I am really into the food blogs now.

7.  Some things I tend to avoid doing on my blog are   telling to many stories no one wants to read.

Have a great weekend!

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