Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holiday Cards from Shutterfly....

It's coming.  Halloween is Monday, which means Tuesday, everyone will be thinking about and planning their holiday cards.  Last year I loved my holiday cards from Shutterfly.  I loved taking the pictures for it and I loved designing the cards (even though it took hours!). I can't WAIT to do it again, it will be great to keep the cards from every year to see how Jack (and we) have grown.
The 2011 holiday card options from Shutterfly are amazing.  There are so many choices, and so many designs, I am already having a difficult time deciding.  
If you’re not familiar with Shutterfly, they are phenomenal.  I order most of my printsphoto bookscalendarsinvites and cards through their site.
The other benefit to using Shutterfly is that their site acts as a holding space for your images.  You have unlimited space, it’s free and if your computer crashes, your images are still safe!  That should make you feel at ease!

Shutterfly Holiday Cards

As I mentioned, the Holiday card line has so many options!
What's nice about the site, is that you can narrow down the options to get the exact design options that you like.  I really prefer contemporary flat cards, so I chose that option.  I like to leave my choices open as far as the number of photos. I also think I will be choosing the  square cards , I love the look of them!
Hopefully by Thanksgiving I will be able to choose!!!  ; )
In the meantime, check out of few of my favorite cards....

There are hundreds of more great designs.  I would love to hear what you do for holiday cards every year.  Do you send them?  

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