Thursday, October 27, 2011

Help a girl (and some kids) out!

Remember music class in elementary school?  I do.  I remember playing the recorder, electric keyboard and getting SO excited for the holiday music concerts and shows.  Music class in the early years made some of us interested in music in the later years and also turned some of us into future musicians.

Which brings me to my sister is raising money for a great organization in Chicago,  Rock for Kids.  Here is a little info about them:


Rock For Kids provides music education to underserved children in Chicago, sparking creativity and passion, teaching critical thinking, supporting academic achievement and enriching young lives.


Rock For Kids believes that through music education, children become creative, energized and successful members of society, while cultivating appreciation and enjoyment of the arts.
Rock For Kids recognizes that music has the power to transcend challenging situations and transform lives, and, as such, imagines a future in which all young people have access to music education as a catalyst for self-expression, motivation and stability.

IF you are in the giving mood, check them out and donate a dollar or two.  If not, that's okay, still check them out and get more information on a great organization.  
Click HERE to donate!
Her goal is to raise $450, please help me pass her goal!

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