Saturday, April 28, 2012


I am sorry I have been sort of MIA lately.  I've been a bit down.

In the past week I've lost two job and my  Grandpa.  I don't even like talking about it but maybe it will relieve some of the stress I have inside and make me feel a bit less sad.

First my job.  With the numbers down in our school system I (being the last one hired) was let go so that a tenured teacher could take my place.  I don't think it's fair and I have a lot of anger and sadness inside about it, but it is what it is I guess.  This is a job that I worked my whole career to get, and worked more than I have at, and after a year it's gone.

As for my grandpa well.....
he lived a wonderful 98 years.  His name is Angelo...and that's him at my wedding.  I love that picture.

He lived a great life and, and in the end, age won.  He was one of our few remaining  World War II vets and I loved listening to his stories about the war and "way back when".  He was loved by many, and I will miss him every day.

So I'l be back in full swing too, I just have to get myself together and feel 100%.  There is nothing I can do to control either of these things but it's just a really awful feeling. 

  Have a great weekend.

**p.s. if you know of any jobs in the Chicago area, I'm all ears!  ; )


The Gearys said...

I am so sorry for both your losses:-( I am glad to see you are staying strong. Good luck in the job search!

Anonymous said...

sorry life has been less than ideal for you lately. hope things start looking up!

AEK said...

So sorry for your recent loss. Prayers and good thoughts to you during this difficult time. Hope you will find a new job soon.

jess said...

First off, I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandfather - I was super close with mine as well, but he died when I was quite young. You are so lucky yours had a long life and was able to attend your wedding!

Second, I understand your frustration. All the women in my family are teachers, as are many of my friends and the school systems in New York are impossible right now, NO ONE is getting a job and people who were hired as part time are having their positions cut. It's horrible and depressing. Unfortunately it seems the only place to find a a teaching position is in the southern states right now. Sigh. Hopefully something will come up or at the very least you'll be able to substitute regularly (what my sister and friends have been forced to do).

Sorry you've had to have the crappiest week ever :(

Anonymous said...

Amy I have known you since we were 3 years old... You are and always have been a beautiful, strong woman. I am so sorry that everything seems to be happening at once. I send our deepest sympathy to all of your family.
As for your job, I know how much you loved it. You are an amazing teacher and something amazing will come along for you I know it! Stay strong and we will see you in a few weeks! Love you and all of your family! Hugs from all of us to you!

La said...

So sorry, Amy. Your Grandfather sounds like a wonderful man.

As for the job, I'm sure something wonderful will come your way and you will be happier than you can imagine now.

For now, enjoy some extra time with Jack.