Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I have been waiting for Instagram for Android to come out.  I read with jealousy every week on the blogs with their  "Week of Instagram" photos and felt like I would never get to feel the joy of posting my own "week of Instagrams".

Well the time has come.

(isn't that such a cute picture of us?!?)

You can now download the app here.

And since I am new to this whole craze, I am trying to learn all that I can do with it, and of course how to take better photos.  Because of course I don't have enough things on my list that I am trying to get done, it's best to add one more.

I found this post really helpful in learning to take great photos with my phone for Instagram, and will be using this in the upcoming days, if I remember to get around with it, I'll share.

For now, I'd love to know your secrets for getting a great Instagram, and what your favorite theme is to add to your pics. 

Until next time, have a great Wednesday, and come back later for a great little giveaway!

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Stephanie Doyle said...

What's your name on Instagram? I'd love to follow! Mine is doylesdays.