Tuesday, September 13, 2011


ok, so I saw this post on a girl and a glue gun, who got this from Crafty Soccer Mom, who got this from like 5 other people.  I liked it, and I decided to to it too.  Let me know if you decide to follow!

A. age: 34 (but I am in denial about it)
B. bed size: queen
C. chore you hate:dishes
D. dogs: one.  Our little love Lenny.

E. essential start to your day: a large coffee....skim milk and 2 sweet n low.
F. favorite color: blue...and tan (is tan really a color?)

G. gold or silver: Silver, although gold is making a comeback!.
H. height: 5 feet 6 inches.

I. instruments you play: piano...and soon I will learn the violin.

J. job title: Learning Behavior Specialist (fancy for Special Education Teacher)

K. kids: one.  hopefully more in the near future

L. live: near Chicago

M. maiden name: Grippo
yes, ryhmes with Hippo

N. nicknames: I really don't have any....lame I know.
O. overnight hospital stays: 1.  When I gave birth.
P. pet peeve: bad drivers

Q. quote: okay, I have like 1million.  Here are a few.

all  here on my pinterest board

R. righty or lefty: lefty.  Woo hoo!

S. siblings: 1 sister

(that's me on the left, and her on the right)
T. time you wake up: 5:10 am. .....if I had my way, it would be 8:10 am.
U. university attended: Northern Illinois, and UIC
V. vegetables you dislike: Califlower and carrots
W. what makes you run late: my better half....he likes to wait until the LAST minute to get ready.

X. x-rays you’ve had: for TB...I test positive.
Y. yummy food: anything Italian, chocolate, berries, apples, chips and salsa

Z. zoo animal favorite: seals, monkeys, and polar bears. 

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