Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome September Sponsor: Thank You in a Box!

You may have noticed a few new and fabulous looking buttons on my sidebar.  Please welcome one of my newest sponsors, Thank You in a box.....

Have you ever sat down to write a note, but couldn't find the right size envelope or first-class postage stamp or much less a black pen that worked? 

Writing a note of thanks or encouragement should not be that difficult......at least that's what Amy & Brandon from  Thank You In A Box think! Consequently, they have simplified the art of penning your thoughts with their unique Thank You Boxes. Their eco-friendly boxes keep your custom cards & envelopes (with return address pre-printed), postage stamps and a pen all in one organized spot! 

These boxes make perfect (and original) gifts for anyone who wants to cultivate and attitude of gratitude........especially mommies-to-be, hard working moms, busy brides, birthday nieces and nephews, business owners and every other kind of thoughtful note writers. 

Brandon and Amy stumbled into the business of gratitude after getting married and having babies shortly after. Needless to say, they wrote a lot of thank you notes and saw the need to organize and simplify the 'giving of thanks'! Before they knew it, they had requests from family and friends to pass along these 'organized thank you kits' to those in similar situations...................and a business was born. Come and visit them at www.thankyouinabox.com

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