Tuesday, September 21, 2010

and the countdown begins.....

30 days.  That's the number of days until Jack become a toddler and will no longer be a baby.  This is also the period where I get that ever growing feeling of dred and sadness deep down inside.  Sometimes I think to myself "He can't be almost one already, he was just born!"  I still see that tiny, new little baby.  The one that needed me and counted on me.   Then I stop and realize that he still needs me and counts on me now, but just in different ways.

I can't believe what a wonderful, smart person he is turning into.  He is discovering something new everyday, and I can just see how hard he is thinking and taking it all in.  And his melt-my-heart smile I get when I pick him up from daycare is something I will never erase from my mind. 

Time flies.  The most important thing I have learned since becoming a mom is: slow down, enjoy life.  Things aren't as bad as they seem.  We can never get time back.  Make the most of it.

Happy 11 months Jack.  I love you.

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