Monday, June 11, 2012

An amazing little thing...

How many times have you laid in bed listing to your little on the monitor thinking "I wish I could see what they are doing right now"?  I did  that all the time.  I would hear Jack singing or talking to his dolls and would wonder what he was doing in his crib.  Well I no longer have to wonder....

I was sent this Lorex Video Baby Monitor to try out and I am in love.  Actually my husband and I both are.   We love that we can now see him in his bed and not just hear him anymore.  We love that we can control the camera and pan We REALLY love that we can talk to him throught the camera so he knows that we are right near by.    

The Lorex LIVE SENSE PT  has one-touch video recording.  You can even playback the videos on the handheld monitor, or transfer them easily to your computer  to share on sites like Facebook and Youtube. You can even see what's happening by watching video from any PC, Mac, select Android models or iPhones anywhere in the world using Skype. The indoor Pan/Tilt camera is controlled by the handset and is equipped with 20ft. of night vision. This monitor also has Other features include two-way audio, built-in lullabies, and electronic temperature sensor.  You can buy up to 3 additional cameras and watch all 4 at once on the monitor!
My only regret is that I didn't have this camera 2 1/2 years ago.  I will still use it plenty with Jack and when we have our next one.  
You can check out this and all the other products Lorex has to offer here., and follow them on Facebook HERE.   On either site you can enter to win your own Lorex product!
Video monitor was given by Lorex; all opinons here are mine.

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