Monday, August 8, 2011

Last week

 I wish I had some Blogher news to share or some great pics from Blogher, but I don't, because I wasn't there.  Maybe next year I'll get some great company to sponsor me and I'll get there. 

This is my last full week off of work so I may not be posting much.  I will be spending as much time with my little guy playing and soaking up the last few days of summer.  I will have a great giveaway for you all, and be sure to enter my Pear Tree Greetings giveaway, which ends tomorrow, just click the link at the top of my page. 

What I do have is a great deal for those of you that may be going back to school. can save you up to 90% when you rent your textbooks through their site.  And we all know that buying books is such a waste, renting is so much better! 

What's even better is that they have partnered with Operation Smile and are donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries this year to children in need.  Be sure to check them out if you are heading back to school, and have a great week!

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