Thursday, July 14, 2011

98...and an apology

First of all I want to say sorry for being MIA for the past few days.  I had so much going on.  We have just been on the go everyday and I felt like I didn't even have time to breathe! (Deep Breath) of tomorrow my summer is officially half over.  Which means that I am getting sad just thinking about it. 

Over the weekend we celebrated my Grandpa's 98th birthday.  Yes 98.  It was hot out.   But Jack and the rest of us had a great time anyways.

 Jack with his cousins....
 a VERY rare Jack and Daddy shot..
 And I may have forgot to mention, but my one and only sister got engaged over the 4th.  This is her...and him.  I can't wait to help plan!!
 So of course we had champagne to celebrate (please ignore the awful hair and face I'm making)
 Finally the man of Grandpa.  Happy 98th!


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