Thursday, June 2, 2011

My very own Superman

Ever have those days???  You know those days when you get caught up in everything that really doesn't matter, but for that day, and that moment, stresses you out, and wears you down?  I have them often.  I worry about work, and my hair.  I worry about every little thing I put into my mouth, and if my outfit is too "mom" looking.  I worry about bills and money and wonder how we will ever save enough to buy a bigger house. 

But when it is all said and done, I come home to a HUGE smiling face.  I come home to snacks, and trucks, walks, and new discoveries.  I come home to the things I love most in this world, and it makes me wonder why I ever worried about any of it at all.  It makes every single worry I have seem small and silly.

The house can wait, I'll have time to clean it later.  My weight or my hair are not what defines me.  And the bills will still be there, whether I worry or not.  So instead, I'm deciding to go for a walk, enjoy his discoveries and let the little worries in life go for a while.  One thing I've learned about being a mom is that life moves way too fast and is way too short to worry about the little things.  It won't change anything.

I don't need a superhero to save me from my worries or my everyday problems.  I have my own little superman here. This superman has saved me in so many ways no one can ever see, and continues to each and every day.  

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