Monday, November 15, 2010

taking a little time.....

You know those days where you don't want to do anything but relax, lay around and just enjoy what life has to offer?  That's what I have been doing the past few days. 

I have been stressed to the max lately.  Work is stressful, the house is not as clean as I would like it,  and my meals are not as gourmet as I would like them to be. And of course, I have my days where all I want to do is feel sorry for myself that I have to work and that I can't spend every second with Jack.   I have moments like these every once in a while.....they pass, and things get back to normal. 

I am trying to get back into meal planning,and finding more easy weeknight meals so that I can spend my time with Jack and not cooking dinner.  I am learning to be okay with a messy or dusty house for a few days.  I am also back to working out more so that I can relieve my stress and make my headaches less frequent. 

I also needed some a few days of no blogging, or computer, just time for me and my family.  I have learned it's good to take a break like that once in a while. But I'm back and I'm getting more and more excited that the holiday season is here!

Or I can always watch my new favorite Youtube sensation......Enjoy!

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