Friday, December 21, 2012

Helping Newtown.....

So I have been away for a bit. I have had a bit of writers block, been super busy with work and the holidays.  I am also extremely sugared and cookied out, and with the events at Sandy Hook, I have not felt like posting on here.  But I am back and have been thinking of ways to do good at a time when so much awful has happened.    

So for this weekend all proceeds from sales on my Etsy shop will be donated to the Sandy Hook Support Fund.   Please spread the word.  This is a perfect time to pick up a print for your little one, and also help those that could really use it right now.

Check out some of my new and popular prints in my shop, Smitten Image.

Personalized Superhero in Training Print 8 x 10

Wild Things Print 8 x 10 Personalized Wall Art

Endloader Truck Print 8 x 10 children's construction, wall art

Have a great last weekend before Christmas and relax a little.

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