Monday, July 9, 2012

Up next ...a marathon

Jack loves to run.  Loves it.  Any time he can get someone to chase him or run with him or race him he goes for it.  So of course when our local fest had a kids 1/4 mile race, this past weekend, we had to sign him up. 

At first I thought 1/4 mile?  That's tough for some adults, how will Jack do it?  Well he did.  And after he finished he was ready to run again.  Of course sappy old me had tears in my eyes watching him run his first race all by himself.  He was so serious and so into it, and he tried to hard.

I think I have a future runner on our hands...what's next?  The marathon maybe??  If you want, take a look at part of his race below.  That's my husband cheering him on.  Oh and you'll probably see me running along on the sidewalk.

Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment, but that may be the cutest thing ever. =) My little guy (19 months) also loves to run.


Eschelle said...

that is sooo soo cute!! I have to see if we have those in our area!

Kahla said...

Oh my gosh, how stinking cute is that??!?!? Way to go Jack!!!

Connie said...

Great job, Jack!! So cute!!!