Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mission Impossible Completed!

It's something I dreaded..that I never thought could or would be done.  Potty Training.  I dreaded it.  For me it was easier to stick a diaper on then sit next to the toilet for 3 days.  So we would try here and there, ask Jack if he had to go potty, but didn't push anything to much.  I figured there was no was he would be trained before 3.

Then strange things started happening. Jack started to tell us when he had to go "poo poos" which amazed me since that seems to be the last thing kids tell you.  Then, last week Monday Jack woke up and said "no more diapers"....and that was the end of the diaper.

He is now in his big boy pants; Toy Story, Cars, Mickey Mouse.  And he has not had one accident since.  I am amazed.  I thought this would be the most tiring, stressful "mission" I had to accomplish as a Mom, and instead, Jack did it all on his own. 

So Mission Impossible has been completed. 

Have a great 3rd of July!


Kahla said...

I dreaded it too and like Jack, Chase totally potty trained himself! It was awesome!!!! However, it looks like Emery will not be following in big brother's footsteps any time soon. She could pretty much care less. Congrats on the big milestone!!!

Kapaldo Family said...

That is awesome! I have not mastered the art of potty training. It took roughly a year for my now 4 year old to be completely trained (I think we started to soon with her). My 2.5 year old is hit or miss. I'm hoping she's done by 3. Maybe I'll be an expert by the time my 7 month old is ready!