Sunday, March 20, 2011

motivation is the key....

I feel like Jack is learning new things everyday.  It's amazing to me how fast and to much children learn.  It makes me realize that all children are motivated to learn and the key is to keep that motivation.  I see so many of my students unmotivated or not excited about learning and wonder why.  I wonder if their parents didn't read to them or didn't value learning.  I wonder if their parents ask them about school or if they have conversations about topics they learn in school. 

One thing I vow to Jack, and to myself, is to do my best to motivate Jack, and make him excited about learning!  Now of course it is easy, but I know struggles lie ahead of me. 
Sure as they get older they have many things out there to help them become "smarter", or a better student.  Things like after school tutoring, study groups, writing groups like The Writing Faculty, and many other educational groups.   Those all do great things, but I think they key to those are also parents that question and motivate their students to want to learn, to want to explore. 

I hope motivation is no problem for Jack, but I am sure it will happen when so many other "better" things come along instead of studying  In the meantime, I will just enjoy the little "sponge" I have as long as I can.

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