Wednesday, October 20, 2010


As this day approched, the lump in my throat grew bigger and bigger.  It may seem silly to some.  "He is still little!", they say, or "You should be happy, not sad!"  And I am happy, SO happy.  But along with the happiness comes all of the other new emotions I have experienced since becoming a of those being the bittersweetness of seeing this tiny, perfect little person grow. 

I sit an think about how I can express a lifetime worth of waiting, and a years worth of love into words; and it doesn't seem possible.

One year.  A 1st birthday.  The day exactly one year ago that I sat nervous-excited-overwhelmed-scared out of my mind, listening to the melody of the a tiny thump, thump, thump on the monitor.  That day waiting for the greatest gift life has to give.  The moment "we" became "three".

I could try to list all of the things I love about him or all that he does that makes me smile, but that list would be endless.  I could list all of the things you have learned this year or how you've grown so much, but it would take up pages and pages on here. 

What I can say is Jack has made me realize what being a Mom truly means.  He has made me feel emotions I never thought I could feel, and feel so deeply.  He has a smile that melts our heart and I am amazed at all the magic he has brought into our lives.  I wish, at times, I could stop time, just for a while and take in every single second of him.  At the same timeI look forward to all the amazement, learning and love he will experience. 

I will end it with some of my favorite pictures from Jack's 1st year.


"Happy Birthday Jack, we made it....I love you always.....Mommy"

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