Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday! And Jack's 1 year photos!

You may have noticed Jack's pictures in the ad on the left side of my blog.  Those are his first year pics!  I CAN NOT believe I will have a one year old in less than a week. Maybe if I don't talk or think about it, it won't happen.  ; )

So a few weeks ago I took Jack for his one year photos.  I took him back to Lisa at Stephen Green Photography, where I had his 6 month photosdone. Now that Jack is walking, I was worried he would not sit still for pictures, or that he would scream and cry the whole time, but he was such a good boy during the photo shoot.   I don't think it is possible for them to have come out any better.

The surprising part???  Jack wanted absolutely nothing to do with the cake!! He took a few licks and screamed.   If you live in the Chicago area be sure to check Stephen Green Photography out.  Lisa did such a great job with Jack, she had him smiling and laughing within minutes; and her studio is beautiful!  Now for the tough decision....which ones to order!

Have a great Friday, and if you are a new visitor, welcome and I hope you return!

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