Monday, July 26, 2010


 My husband and I always love a good meal.  A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend an appreciation dinner at Ben Pao, in Chicago which has amazing Chinese food and is one of our favorite places. General Mills and MyBlogSpark sponsored the event as a thank-you to their bloggers who've posted giveaways of General Mills products. The dinner was free, and I received a $50 MasterCard gift card to cover gas and parking in the city, providing a truly "free" night out.

So last Thursday, my husband and I went to Ben Pao.  The restaurant was even closed for this dinner!
We were served four courses.  Soup, appetizers, entree and desserts.  I choose Beef and Broccoli and my husband choose Kung Pao.  The food was amazing, like always, and we were STUFFED!

Throughout the meal, a camera crew roamed the restaurant asking the guests about their blogs and their thoughts on the meals. Little did I know there was a "catch" to this dinner.

When we finished our meals, our server brought each of us fortune cookies, and the cameraman returned to the table to ask if he could film us opening the cookies.
This is what was in the cookies.

We laughed SO hard, we were shocked.  We would never have guessed that we had been eating frozen Chinese food available at the grocery store! The soup, appetizer platter and desserts were actually Ben Pao's own restaurant food, but the entrees were bagged, frozen meals from Wanchai Ferry.

The camera men were filming a commercial for Wanchai Ferry!  We had a great night because of   MyBlogSpark, Ben Pao and Wanchai Ferry!


Faith and Family Reviews said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for dropping by Faith and Family Reviews!

I think I remember seeing you at the dinner! You were seated over to the left (of walking in) at the front of the restaurant, right?

It was a great night out, glad you were able to enjoy it too!


liz said...

Are you going to be on TV? Honestly, I would have been pissed if they did that.

Lisa said...

Hi, I was also at the event. It was a night I will never forget. I just wish we'd have had a chance to mingle a little bit as I'd looked forward to meeting some "local" bloggers. I live in the FAR northern burbs with my 3 boys. Would love to have you stop by my blog,
I will be following yours from now on, your little guy is TOO CUTE not too!!!!