Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Future Food Critic?

So I have been making Jack's baby food since he started on solids.  It takes some time, but I really like it, and I figure I will be making his food for the  next 18 years or so, so why not start now.

We have slowly been giving him finger foods here and there.  That has not been going as well.  I think he is not used to anything crunchy or with a non-pureed texture.  This is his face when we give him watermelon.

With tears and all.  I am hoping the more we give him different textures, the better this will get.  Otherwise, I think we may have a future food critic on our hands.
Did anyone else have this experience with their little ones?

Speaking of food, I found a great website for those with children that are a little bit older.  The site is called Cooking With My Kid, and this bloggers goal is to teach her kids the art of cooking.  Her mission is 365 recipes in 365 days, but all cooking must be kid assisted.

It has some great ideas and recipes, like this cheesy corn on a stick:

IT looks SO tasty, and it's super easy! Check it out!

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ARob said...

My little guy is the same with textures & also food temperature. Its been getting better as we just keep trying! That recipe site looks cool!

Lauren said...

i have been making my daughters food as well... and its funny she gags and cringes when she eats almost everything i make her... but give her the gerber version of what i fed her and she inhales it!!! lol so funny. Good Luck!

Liz said...

wow, are you giving him corn on the cob already?

KLZ said...

Cheesey corn is the best.

And I cannot help on the food side. I'm trying to get my little guy to stop stealing my food since he thinks ANYTHING is fair game.

Good luck!

tracylynne said...

My little guy is turning one this week and did not like watermelon either but loves cataloupe. He really likes cottage cheese, I can mix this with almost anything and he eats it.Green beans are his fav

Amy said...

Liz, no corn on the cob for him yet! I thought this looks good for the older kids!! : )

Poet said...

Corn looks yummy! Love Jack's face!