Thursday, February 21, 2013

it's time...

We put off putting Jack in a big boy bed.  Part of the reason was that Jack never tried to climb out and he liked being in there.  It was his little safe place.  The biggest reason though, that we didn't switch was because everyone would tell us "Once you put them it the bed, they will never take naps!"  or "Once you switch they will be coming in your room every night!"

So we waited.  Well the time finally came we decided to switch.  Before we did I went over the rules for the new bed.  

1.  You can read/play/etc in your room, but no leaving your room.
2. If you want to leave or it's time to wake up let Mommy or Daddy know

I was praying that he would follow the rules and off to the big boy bed we went....

It has been a success...he is being such a good boy.  At night we watch him in the monitor (it's so funny!) and he gets his books, jumps around a little, and then turns off his light, turns on his star turtle and goes to sleep.  I can't believe it was this easy.  He still naps, and in the morning he yells "I'm ready to wake up!"

Let's hope this lasts. I think it will...I have to say, when given rules, Jack is very good about remembering them, and following them.

How was your transition?  Easy?  A nightmare?


m&msmommy said...

WHen my son was little we transitioned him, what I think, was way too early and it really set us/him up for AWFUL sleeping habits. When my daughter was born I swore that as long as she wasn't trying to climb out, she would stay in her crib for as long as she needed. For Christmas Santa brought her a big girl bed (it was 3 weeks shy of her 3rd birthday), and the transition was seamless! She has slept in it every night since then and LOVES it! I know every family/child is different, but I definitely think waiting longer might be the key! ;)

I hope Jack continues to do well in his new bed! :)

Chrystal McCoy said...

Glad to hear it's going well. Both of mine made the transition to big kid beds well. We've been lucky because bed time has never brought issues in our house.

Thanks for sharing your experience.