Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom's best friend....

I've been not so great to Lenny lately.

Before Jack he was my "baby". He was everything to my husband and I. We have had him since he was a baby and he is now two years old. Everyone told me "things will change after you have a baby", and I always told them that would never happen. Or maybe deep down inside I knew it would but I didn't want to admit it.

Lenny turned from our only "baby", to our "other baby"; which meant not so much attention for him.

He barks more. He cries when I pick Jack up, which is also the only time he wants to play with me. He also has been having accidents in Jack's room. Lenny never had accidents. That's what we were most proud of with our training. I'd like to say it's just that, an accident. But I think it's more than that. We just happened to move Jack's crib a few weeks ago to find a collection of poop.  I was horrified.  My husband things Lenny wants to make sure his presence is still known. It's known alright, but lately it's been for not so good reasons.

Which is why I need to stop and realize that he doesn't know any better. He doesn't understand all of this. One night we left the house in a panic, and came home two days later with this "human". This human that cries and screams and takes the spotlight off Lenny.

Lenny is such a good doggy. He cuddles me every night after Jack goes to sleep. He licks my face the second he spots tears coming out of my eyes. And he will never, EVER stay mad at us.
And pretty soon, he will realize, that screaming, crying, attention hogging "human" will be his bestest friend in the whole world.

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liz said...

that's really sweet. our jack was our first baby, and did not deal very well when our oldest was born. he still carries resentment towards her, and she's 4 now. good luck with lenny and your jack!

Co Captain aka Mommy said...

He is sooo cute!!!

Immortal Beloved said...

So very true. I hope that our furbaby yorkie does well with our son when he comes.

Juliana said...

Lenny is such a cute pup and that is a great picture. I love their unconditional love.

I am now following you from MBC/FFF. Come on by and follow back if you would like!

Kate said...

Amy! I'm a new follower to your blog! I just wrote a blog post about this exact same topic! I feel so bad for my little puppy. He's 2 years old like Lenny. Your first blog describes my entire pregnancy worrying about Giorgio. And I keep thinking exactly what you said in the last line of your post. Glad I stumbled onto here! I won't feel so guilty now!

Here's a link about my lil pup: http://www.mommymonologues.com/2010/03/giorgio-usurped-baby.html