Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our little getaway to Breckenridge

We needed a vacation.  Our last vacation was over a year ago to Florida and it was just time to get away..even it was for a long weekend.  So when my husband brought up Colorado, I was not impressed.  I'm not a nature person, I don't really like being outside in the cold, and I haven't skiied since high school.  But I decided I was feeling adventurous so off to Breckenridge we went. 

I am in love.   I mean this with all my heart, I would pick up everything and move there tomorrow if I could.  It is beautiful...breathtaking.  One of the most beautiful places I have been.  In those 4 short days, we had a blast.  We went for a sleigh ride, did some sledding, saw the International Snow Scultpure Competition and just relaxed and enjoyed the cute little town.  We did not ski this time, but we are already planning our trip back here next year so we can. 

For those of you that have not been there, go.  You won't want to leave.  In the mean time, enjoy some of the pics from our trip!


Connie P. said...

Such pretty pictures! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!!! :)

Erin said...

I would move to CO in a heartbeat, too! One of my favorite places. Beautiful pictures. And Jack is getting so big!!!