Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New school year, new me!

So I started my new job today....I made it.  I got through the day and it was good!  I met the kids, and survived the heat in our building with no air conditioning.   I am hoping this school year is  a good one and I hope I love my new job.

With the new year I am also looking to get to the new me.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older, and noticing wrinkles and the fact that I'm tired ALL THE TIME.  So looking around on Pinterest I found Back on Pointe's blog.  These workouts will seriously kick your butt. 

Here is an example of one of the ab workouts:

I swear I could not even finish it the first time I did it.

And here is the September challenge I am doing along with my regular gym workouts. 

These workouts are quick, intense and perfect for at home before or after work.  They burn a lot of calories in a little amount of time, perfect for those working moms!

You can check out all her other workouts here, and let me know if you also choose to do the September challenge!


Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

Hi Amy! I might have to give that workout a try. Over from the hop and now following :)

stlavonlady said...

I have seen so many different variations of workouts on Pinterest and always meant to Pin them and get back to them when I wasn't busy. I might try yours. I like something quick yet effective.

Love your blog. Newest follower from Thant Friday Blog Hop. Enjoy your weekend! Julie from Stlavonlady – Scatterbrained In St. Louis